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Have you thought about how much you count on your vision during any given day? Seventy percent of our knowledge of the world around us comes through our eyes, meaning we rely on our sight to understand each other, perform daily tasks and take care of our families.

People who can't see well, don't feel well. Poor or miscorrected vision can lead to headaches, eyestrain and fatigue, which can hurt performance and lower self confidence, both on and off the job.

Healthy sight is about more than seeing 20/20. Vision care (comprehensive eye exams) and vision wear (glasses and contacts) have advanced significantly in recent years – and now have an even greater ability to enhance vision and help preserve it for the future – while playing an important role in overall health and wellness.

Transitions Healthy Sight Working for You is an education program that can help you learn more about the importance of today’s vision care and vision wear, usually provided through your company’s vision benefit. Read on for information on the connection between eye and overall health, and about today’s unique vision wear options to help you see and feel your best.

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