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The vision benefit has typically been seen as a way for employers and their employees to save costs on vision services – such as eye exams and discounts on eyewear. However, a vision benefit is also an opportunity for employees to achieve eye health and overall wellness – helping them feel and perform better today, and down the road, while also positively impacting an employer's bottom line. That's because a vision health plan can reduce medical costs and increase productivity, while also contributing to employee attraction and retention.


Plus, a vision benefit is affordable, with annual dollars per employee spent on a premium plan just $80-120, compared with nearly $4,300 annual dollars spent on medical premiums.

Transitions Healthy Sight Working for You is an education program that can help you learn more about the financial impact of today's vision care and vision wear options typically provided through a company vision benefit. On this website, you'll find information on the connection between eye health and several overall health issues – such as diabetes and hypertension – as well as many workplace trends impacting the need for a vision benefit.

Be sure to check out the Vision Education Kit, which includes newsletters, flyers and a poster that you can share with employees to educate them on the importance of keeping vision top-of-mind.

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