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Today's vision care and vision wear can do so much to enhance overall health and wellness. Offer your expertise to employers in understanding today's advanced eye care and eyewear and helping them decide on a vision plan or promote it to employees. Recent research by Transitions Optical shows that HR professionals believe their employees will be interested in receiving education on premium lens options to help them see their best. Two key points to reinforce with employers are:

  • Make sure your plan covers regular eye exams, which will not only allow employees to maintain their proper eyeglass prescription, but will also serve as a way to detect potential eye and systemic diseases – before they become a health care burden.
  • Many of today's vision plans also offer advanced eyewear enhancements for optimal vision and protection at substantial discounts. Some of these enhancements include photochromic lenses – like Transitions® lenses, AR coatings, progressive lenses and impact-resistant materials. These lens options can help alleviate vision problems that lead to decreased performance at work.

As a follow up, encourage employers to check out the Vision Education Kit for resources they can use to educate their employees about the importance of protecting their eyes and making the most of their vision benefit.

You can also direct them to the Eyeglass Guide and share these videos to help learn about the benefits of many of today's lens options.

Finally, the Vision Plan Savings Calculator designed for HR professionals provides employers with an individualized look at the savings possible for their workforce with a premium vision plan. The Sight on Savings Calculator for general consumer use allows employees to see how much they could save—in terms of time, money and sight—by enrolling in and taking full advantage of their company’s vision benefit.

Watch a video on consumer perceptions of vision and vision benefits. Play Video

Need some tools to help educate local businesses or their employees about vision?
Check out the Vision Education Kit for resources such as employee newsletters covering eye health topics such as UV and glare protection, Hispanic eye health, progressive lenses and more. Other materials to share with employers and employees include a Vision Education Day tip sheet and PowerPoint presentations on the value of vision care and vision wear.

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Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material.