Anti-reflective (AR) Treatments
An AR treatment virtually eliminates reflections on your lenses—allowing others to see your eyes and not the lenses. The treatment also helps reduce glare, which is good for night driving, when glare from headlights often becomes a serious distraction. AR treatments also help to reduce reflections off the back of your eyeglasses caused by artificial lighting indoors—making it easier for you to view your computer screen or digital devices.

Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses, like Transitions® Light Intelligent lenses™, automatically adapt to changing light conditions to help protect your eyes—making them a smart choice for today’s on-the-go employee. They also help to protect against light sensitivity.

Protection from UV Rays and Harmful Blue Light
This is a must for everyone. Long-term eye exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light have been linked to serious complications, including sight-stealing eye diseases. Transitions lenses block 100 percent of UV rays, and help to protect against harmful blue light, indoors and out.

Lenses to Reflect Your Personal Style
Pick your favorite color—to go with your frames or your personality—and choose your style for a look that’s uniquely yours. Learn more at