Transitions Optical’s Vision Plan Savings Calculator can help employers learn more about their potential savings for their workforce through a premium vision benefits plan.

Employers can use the calculator to:

  • Understand employee eye health conditions,
  • Calculate avoidable costs
  • Learn the potential return on investment (ROI) for their particular workforce.

The calculator uses prepopulated national averages to determine how likely a unique workforce is to have vision-related issues. Employers can also enter the specific demographics of their workforce for more tailored results.

Transitions Optical also offers a Sight on Savings Calculator that can be shared with employees to show them how much time, money and sight they can save by taking advantage of premium vision benefits.

Employees can enter their age, gender and ethnicity to learn more about their risk for certain eye and overall health issues. They will also learn more about eyewear options that can help them see their best at work and at home.