Vision Plan Savings Calculator

Image of the Vision Plan Savings Calculator

Benefits are more competitive than ever—and employers are looking for value. Offering vision plans that cover comprehensive eye exams and quality vision wear can help to reduce medical costs and boost employee productivity. Learn the savings possible for your workforce with the Vision Plan Savings Calculator.

  • Understand Employee Eye Health Conditions
  • Calculate Avoidable Costs
  • Learn Potential Return on Investment
Image of the Vision Plan Savings Calculator
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Sight on Savings Calculator

Image of the Sight on Savings Calculator

Share this individual calculator with employees to show them how much time, money and sight they can save by taking advantage of premium vision benefits.

Employees can enter their age, gender and ethnicity to learn more about their risk for certain eye and overall health issues. They will also learn more about eyewear options that can help them see their best at work and at home.

Image of the Vision Plan Savings Calculator
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See Your Best: Eyecare Tips

Many demographic and ethnic groups are at higher risk for developing serious eye and overall health issues. These infographics were created to help inform employees about their unique eye health needs—and the steps they can take to protect and enhance their vision. Share these with employees to offer quick, digestible content to encourage them to take steps to see their best!

White Papers

Gain insight and stay informed with the latest research and perspectives from industry leaders on essential eye health and vision benefits topics.

Helping You See the Savings Possible with Vision Benefits

This paper overviews the Sight on Savings Calculator – an online, interactive tool to help consumers understand their eye health risks and how much they could save with the right eye care and eyewear through their vision benefit.


Calculating the Potential of a Premium Vision Benefit

The Vision Plan Savings Calculator was developed by analyzing existing data on the prevalence of various eye diseases and conditions among specific populations, as well as published research on cost avoidance. This paper details source information and medical- based rationale that form the basis of the calculator.


Invigorating Interest in the Vision Benefit: NAVCP Medical Directors Roundtable Consensus Paper

This white paper explores how a quality vision benefit can address the benefits expectations and eye- and overall health needs of a workforce that is aging, yet more active than ever before. It also presents strategies and opportunities for HR managers to reach employees about the importance of actually using their benefit.


The Role of HR Managers in Vision Benefit Engagement: Focus on an Aging, Yet Active Workforce

This white paper takes both a quantitative and qualitative look at the potential impact of vision benefits on medical costs and productivity losses for specific workforces. It explores the needs of high-risk employee subgroups and shares tangible strategies for employee education.